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Funding Platform
Activating Telegram's
1 000 000

XTON is the first launchpad that brings together $43B liquidity of EVM chains, 800M users of Telegram and the fastest blockchain in the world - TON.

Telegram is the first
massively popular messenger
open and ready for Web3

TON Foundation aims to onboard 40% of active
Telegram users to TON in the next 3-5 years

Web3, Made
For the World.

Think big. Build for billions.

Our areas of focus include massive retail industries.
We embrace technology that gets into hands of hundreds of millions of users.



Artificial Intelligence


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Key Features & Services

Community Tools

Telegram tools for community engagement and growth. Interactive quests, educational materials and accumulated userbase as a source of new user for launching projects.

Incubation & Tech Support

Extensive development support and strategic guidance from idea, through product design and tokenomics, all the way to the token sale and massive userbase onboarding.

Multichain token sale feature

XTON is the first launchpad facilitating liquidity flow by introducing multichain functionality out-of-the-box. Choose a chain of payment and chain of allocation for the token.

Custom Investors Pools

Holding, staking, or trading XTON tokens unlocks exclusive access to token sales on the XTON platform. Enjoy tailored rules, allocation sizes, and participation chances based on your XTON engagement.

The Future

Q1 2024

Phase 1

  • Community Incentives
  • Security audit
  • XTON Community Bot launch

Q1 2024

Phase 2

  • Main-net Launch
  • Token sale

Q2 2024

Phase 3

  • Global Event Roadshow
  • First project launches

Q3 2024

Phase 4

  • Token Bridge
  • Telegram Accelerator

The Team

Mark CEO

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Join us on a mission of bringing
next Billion users to Web3

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